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However, lack of proper coding can also make the app consumes high CPU utilization. Let’s say you want to know how many users can use this app simultaneously. After a scalability test, you find out that your app can take a load of up to 15,000 users. In some cases, there may be changes that have to be made to the server software or hardware. Once the necessary upgrades have been made, we must re-run the tests to ensure the upgrades have been effective in addressing the issues previously raised. The environment should be constant throughout testing in order to provide accurate and reliable results.

Scalability testing

The functional faults can be missed during the Scalability testing. After the assessment, we will prepare the test plans, test scenarios, and test cases, which cover and analyze the software’s working for each incremental development. After the enhancement, the software is working correctly and efficiently in meeting the user requirements and expectations. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. However, horizontal scaling can be extremely expensive, not only the cost of entire systems such as servers, but we must also take into account their regular maintenance costs .

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The Scalability vs Elasticity will help us to save a lot of money and time if we identify the cause of multiple performance issues in the specific application during the testing phase. After that, we will set the testing environment, configure the hardware required to implement a scalability test, generate, validate the visual script and the load test scenarios. Transaction response time defines the time it takes an app to complete a transaction or business process. It allows developers to find bottlenecks during the performance testing process.

Once developers find out the optimum load, they work on fixing the system by improving its scalability. Test Strategy for Scalability Testing differ in terms of the type of application is being tested. If an application accesses a database, testing parameters will be testing the size of the database in relation to the number of users and so on. You must be sure to use the same environment throughout testing so that you get reliable results. The graph below illustrates the ideal relationship between memory usage and time.

We fully-manage the testing infrastructure—no cloud accounts are required. To sum it up, your application and infrastructure needs to be versatile enough to be able to withstand the dynamic requirements of today’s market. Scalability Testing allows the detecting and making of changes already in the testing phase. Fixing bugs becomes more and more expensive as the system grows and expands. Your company will save a lot of money if you prioritize Scalability Testing and automate it.

Establish Baseline Traffic Performance

Scalability testing is a type of performance testing that ensures the flexibility of the software product or application to grow in proportion to increasing demands of the end users. Memory Usage is also tested in order to get the best results of memory consumption for an application. In Memory Usage, the amount of memory used on performing any task in an application is tested. Because on performing any task, a memory of RAM is used which should be optimized for the smooth running of any application.

Scalability testing

More importantly, we will look at modern best practices in availability and scaling in web sites today. It’s well worth mentioning now that scalability testing falls under black box testing. LoadView captures real-time videos of a website performance throughout the load test.

If not, LoadView can help you identify the points of failure in your system, so you can fix any issues before they are found by actual users. While scalability is often thrown around in conversations about elasticity, there is a difference between the two. Scalability is really about a system being able to handle sustained increases in capacity, while elasticity is simply the ability to handle short bursts of increased load. Having differentiated the two terms, you are still likely to hear them intermingled during discussions about capacity planning and load testing. A global economy continues to drive web-based organizations to measure and monitor the performance of their international presence.

Features Of Scalability Testing

There are a wide range of benefits of implementing Scalability Tests into your development and software testing process. Set the testing environment and configure the hardware required to execute scalability test. Threshold Load − It is the number of requests processed by the software product withthe expected throughput.

When a developer develops an application, he is only aware of how an application would work in the ideal scenario compared to the real world. With Scalability testing, testers make it easier to handle any defects and help in keeping apps running smoothly. It determines the scale of the real-time potential & full potential of a system. The testers usually draft test scenarios to force the system to meet new requirements. Moreover, they execute the test at regular intervals, document & record the results to detect errors. The obtained data & actionable insights are communicated effectively with the relevant stakeholders.

As discussed above, Scalability testing is done to check the performance of an application at different workloads. In order to perform Scalability testing, the following steps are followed by using any scalability testing tool available in the market. Scalability Testing for an application is carried out where there is a prediction or plan for future up scaling or down scaling.

  • Performance, scalability and reliability testing are usually grouped together by software quality analysts.
  • Sometimes, functional errors are left behind and cannot be identified in Scalability testing.
  • Usage of compression techniques are of the best programming practices that can help minimize network usage.
  • Once your baseline data has been collected, LoadView allows you to turn on the automatic scalability to run the same tests again.
  • The terms scalability, reliability and performance testing are sometimes used synonymously.

Steps for scripts − The script of the test is prepared, and should have a detailed step to determine the actions performed by a user. Processor − Analyze the type of CPU needed by the virtual user agent and the load test master. Another objective is to determine the limit of the product in terms of users. Now almost all the companies have added Scalability testing as a part of their testing process.

Test Automatically Scalable Or Elastic Applications

In this testing, the Test Cases are designed and implemented in a well-organized manner. It also analysis the system, processes, or database’s ability to meet an upward need. Apart from these above, the scalability test also comprises some less used attributes such as reboot time, session time, transactions per second, web page loading time, task execution time, and many more. It tells the developer how an app will respond under low, medium, and heavy loads to take corrective measures in advance. Vertical scaling, also known as scaling up, is the process of replacing a component with a device that is generally more powerful or improved.

Scalability testing ensures the developers that the application is ready to be released and available to the customers. Scalability testing is desirable in software testing process because it helps avoid any issue or problem in daily business operations. It is a part of testing process in most software development teams in order to test how the application handles increase in user traffic, data volume, and transaction counts.

Without successfully completing scalability testing procedures, those users could just spell doom for said imaginary companies. Scale, a word that has to do with size, and ability, another word that gets you thinking if an event is possible or not. We could stop right here and have you doing some scalability testing, but there’s much more to it than knowing the term’s meaning. Regardless of how good looking a system is, it could still fail scalability tests!

Faster Time To Resolution With Lower Expenses

Dependent on the application that is being tested, different parameters are tested. If a webpage is being tested, the highest possible number of simultaneous users would be tested. Also dependent on the application being tested is the attributes that are tested – these can include CPU usage, network usage or user experience.

Successful testing will project most of the issues which could be related to the network, database or hardware/software. That way, you can spend your working hours analyzing the tests that were conducted during off-hours. Automation also ensures that testing and retesting are performed consistently with the same settings. Hybrid cloud models have been known to improve security, local accessibility of progress crucial resources while allowing wider deployment surface area for tests and scaling. The testing applications should have the ability to look into the attributes you will have deemed essential for the study.

Cloud or on-premise, it is possible to scale vertically by allocating more space to the same servers. Among a plethora of others, tools like Scalyr allow engineers and users to carry out scalability testing. All without the familiarization process gnawing into the actual testing. Testing how long your system transitions from a single interface to the next across the possible access devices is a good gauge of how ready it is to scale. Slow screen transitions are often a sign of code that is not optimized. In the case of resources being requested in order to load a screen, optimization of the assets through compression would be wise before adding the number of concurrent requests for it.

It is economical if detected in the testing environment rather than the production environment. Rigorous testing is conducted on a system before releasing it into the production environment to reduce the risk of a massive loss of money and the company’s reputation due to the bad performance of an application. Many benefits are observed when Scalability Tests are implemented into the development and software testing process.

How To Start Scalability Tests

The information in your reports will provide guidance for making improvements. For example, if your company’s website is anticipating a 400 percent increase in traffic over the next month, you may want to give your server performance a boost to minimize request processing time. Possible options include upgrading your server hardware to allow for additional RAM.

Drill down to see response times of individual sessions during a load test and track specific element trends. As more and more interactive content is handled natively by the browsers of the future, these technologies may lose relevancy. However, it will continue to be important to capture content rendered in a real browser to prove that the application is still scalable when many simultaneous users hit your site or application. Generally, it involves set of load tests with different settings of hardware and software, keeping test environment unchanged.

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